Why You Should Be Using a Portable Ramp

Posted on: August 12th, 2014 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

portable wheelchair rampsWhether you’re a wheelchair or scooter user or care for someone who is, you know that accessibility into and out of the home is extremely important. While you may have a ramp system at your home, traveling to other locations can be difficult if they are not as accessible and accommodating. Trying to get into transportation, visit a friend’s house or simply go to a park can become frustrating.  Jayhawk Pharmacy understands the importance of mobility and freedom. That’s why we offer a wide selection of portable ramp systems to help you stay active and get to the places you want to be. These ramps are light enough to carry with you and are still durable and strong. Learn more about each of the portable ramp options we offer below. 

TRIFOLD Advantage Series Ramp 

This ramp’s three-fold design offers a unique feature: It can be carried in two parts or as one unit. The TRIFOLD ramp features a skid-resistant 29-inch platform and 800 pound weight capacity. 

SUITCASE Signature Series Ramp 

This ramp comes in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 foot lengths. It is lightweight, ultra-strong, and folds once for easy carrying. The SUITCASE Ramp also has a skid-resistant surface and features a self-adjusting transition plate for an easy transition from the ramp to ground. The SUITCASE has a 30-inch wide platform and it has an 800 pound weight capacity. 

Top Lip Extension

This addition extends the top lip of any of our ramps to nine inches, which helps you to get over larger bumpers on vans and SUVs.

Make travel easier with a portable ramp and get where you want to be with ease. Jayhawk Pharmacy also offers aids to daily living and mobility for your needs. Check out our online catalog to see all the products we offer, like wheelchairs and wheelchair lifts

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