“We’re not in Kansas Anymore!” Preparing for tornado weather

Posted on: June 19th, 2015 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

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Summer brings warm weather, family vacations and a chance to get out in your garden. But it also brings with it tornado season. As you age, a tornadic occurrence can become more perilous, due to factors such as limited mobility. We wanted to offer some tips on how to stay safe in Tornado Alley:

  • Make sure that you can get to your safe area quickly. For some elderly people, this means getting down to the basement in time, and navigating the stairs can be tricky. Make sure a decent handrail is installed on your cellar steps. If you do have trouble getting around the house, we have trapeze bars that can help you get out bed quickly in an emergency, and mobility products to help you get around.
  • If you don’t have a basement and the bathroom is your safe area, make sure it’s a place you can navigate easily. We carry bathroom safety products such as grab bars can make your safe area that much more safe.
  • Pack a “bugout bag” or a cache of emergency supplies in your safe area. This includes any extras of any medications you need. Also pack bottled water, a few changes of clothes and some protein bars, in case you have to stay in the safe area for longer than expected.
  • Have a weather radio handy and heed the warnings. After weathering a few storms over the decades, Older Americans can become apathetic when it comes to tornado warning, and are statistically less likely to heed the warnings.

While tornado weather can make it dangerous for seniors to live alone, Jayhawk Pharmacy is committed to helping you stay independent for as long as possible. Our aging at home equipment and services are just one way we help you do that.

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