5 Tips for Traveling With a Walking Aid

Posted on: June 5th, 2014 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

walking aid travel

Planning a summer vacation can be a very exciting time. You may be looking forward to activities and adventures away from home. Whether your destination is a beach, lakeside, or cruise ship, you are sure to enjoy the sunshine and warmth this season. Taking time off work can reduce stress and increase productivity upon return. Jayhawk Pharmacy encourages you to get away this summer and make memories to last a lifetime. Traveling by air with a walking aid requires extra preparation to ensure the most ease possible. We are here to provide you with a wheelchair, walker, rollator, cane, or crutches to fit your needs. Visit our site today for a full list of products available.

  1. Airport security will require you to go through screening. If you cannot walk through the screening machine without your cane or crutches, you may request a manual screening. Do what you have to do for yourself to ensure the most comfort and safety possible.
  2. Advise the airline in advance of your special needs. If they are aware and fully prepared you will be better taken care of. They may be able to provide ascending stairs or a special seat or armrests that may significantly help you. Consider pre-boarding to allow time for any adjustments and special requests to be made.
  3. Before boarding the airplane, most wheelchairs and walking aids can be used normally until the boarding point. Once on board, you’re walking aid will be stored on board or in the belly of the plane, depending on how many others are on the aircraft.
  4. Be sure to take your wheelchair, walker, or rollators special characteristics into consideration. Remove all detachable parts and tighten all screws, nuts, and bolts. If it requires batteries, make sure they are charged and pack extra.
  5. Lastly, label your walking aid with your name and address to ensure proper return.

We hope these tips will ease your summer travels! Visit Jayhawk Pharmacy online today to find products to fit your health and comfort needs. We wish you a fun and safe summer!

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