Traveling with baby

Posted on: December 21st, 2015 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

Traveling with baby

Will you be flying with your baby this year? It’s not as hard as you think! Here is a checklist of everything you should pack in your carry-on:

  • Diapers

A good rule of thumb is to have one diaper for every hour you will be traveling. But, we suggest packing a couple more just in case of delays!


  • Sippy cup

These seem to be a very good distraction for a distressed baby who’s flying for the first time. If he or she is able to at least grasp the handle, you have an instant toy


  • Blankets


These are good if you are still nursing the baby—it will allow you to be discreet.


  • Tiny bottles


Breast milk can remain fresh for up to 24 hours if you pack it in a cooler with ice. Remember, you can’t carry on more than 3.4 ounces on an airplane.


  • Hand sanitizer


A must-have for a mom with kids of any age!


  • Baby Wipes

This should already be in the diaper bag—just make sure you have enough for your trip!

  • Baby lotion


Again, a diaper bag staple.


  • Favorite toy

You may have already experienced what happens when that raggedy stuffed animal isn’t there to comfort your child!

  • Pacifiers—more than one


They tend to fall to the floor or get lost in the shuffle


  • Two sets of clothes


You know, in case an accident happens

  • Pad


This is to put under your baby while changing his or her diaper


  • Breast Pump and Accessories


Including wall plug, extra tubes, and empty bottles… while you can’t carry already-pumped milk, once you’re past security, you can find a private space and pump a whole bottle’s worth of milk.


We here at Jayhawk Pharmacy support nursing mothers! That’s why we carry maternity products in our online catalog.

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