Tips For Organization in the New Year

Posted on: January 23rd, 2015 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger
Organization takes persistence and practice to make sure good habits become part of your normal routine.

Organization takes persistence and practice to make sure good habits become part of your normal routine.


It is 2015, and with a new year comes new habits.  If you have resolved to be more organized, there are a lot of tips that we have that can help you become more successful.  Jayhawk Pharmacy is here to help you find a way to be more organized.

  1. Be Consistent
    No matter how many tips and tricks you learn or find, none of them will be successful if they are not consistently executed. Planning without action is kind of pointless.
  2. Be Patient
    Building new habits takes time. The old adage says that it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit.  In reality that is a bare minimum. It may take up to six months, if not longer.  Either way, with every step you take towards becoming more organized, you take a step towards being healthier.
  3. Be Intentional
    If you are intentional with your time and give it some thought at the beginning of the day, you will inherently be a little more organized as your days go on. Setting goals is a great way to be intentional. By setting goals and writing them down, you will have some visual accountability to help keep you focused.  When you are more focused, you are inherently more productive.
  4. Use a Calendar or Organizational Tool
    Through the use of a calendar or an organizational tool, your time management will become more deliberate. Regardless of whether this tool is hard copy or electronic, the simple act of time management will be fruitful.
  5. Use Organizational Products
    These products can range from a pill organizer that helps you sort out your weekly medications to avoid the confusing debate as to whether or not you actually took your noon meds, or organizational treys at your desk for your odds and ends office supplies. Whatever area of your life is in need of more organization, there are products out there to help you.

Everyone at Jayhawk Pharmacy wishes you the best of luck with your New Year’s resolutions, and a great 2015!  For any questions feel free to visit our website, or call us at 785-228-9700.


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