The amazing inner workings of the breast (part 2)

Posted on: August 28th, 2015 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

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In last week’s blog, we talked a little bit about what goes on when your body produces breast milk. Today, we’re going to continue on the topic of the inner workings of the breast, specifically the different stages they go through as your body prepares to nurse.

During your first trimester, you might notice that your breasts feel tender. This is because your body is growing more breast tissue. You may even notice that your breasts are getting bigger, and your bras may not fit like they used to. It’s not unusual to feel itchy as the skin stretches. The areolas will get bigger too, and usually turn a darker color.

You’ll also notice a couple other things about your breasts. One is that there are long veins just below the surface of the skin. The other is that there are small bumps all over the areola. Again, neither of these things should be cause for concern; it just means your body is working the way it should!

Once your second trimester starts, your body will start to produce colostrum, which is a thick, yellowish liquid substance. It’s the first thing you will feed your baby, and don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and nutritious. However, there’s a good chance a bit of it will leak during your second trimester. This is again, nothing to be worried about.

These transitions will continue throughout your third trimester. Then, once you go into labor, your breasts will make a few more adjustments for your baby.

Within 48 hours of birth, your body will start to produce a lot more of the colostrum. Once you start nursing, your body will gradually transition to regular breast milk. Within four to five days, you usually cease the production of colostrum entirely.

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