Practice Safety with Your Medical Oxygen

Posted on: August 26th, 2014 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

medical oxygen safetyEvery medical oxygen user should be practicing certain safety measures to ensure that they are protecting themselves, their loved ones and their home from potential dangers related to medical oxygen. When you take safety precautions while using your medical oxygen, you and your family can be more at ease. Jayhawk Pharmacy offers a wide selection of medical oxygen supplies including portable oxygen concentrators. We understand the importance of medical oxygen safety and want to share these safety tips with you. 

Avoid flames when using medical oxygen

It’s easier for objects to burn in oxygen-enriched environments, so it’s very important to stay away from open flames when using your medical oxygen device. Steer clear of matches, cigarettes, cigars, lighters, candles and pipes. If you’re in the presence of a smoker, request that they step outside or away from you to prevent any danger to you or your environment. 

Be cautious with other sources of heat

Be careful around electric or gas heaters and stoves. Make sure to be at least five feet from them to stay safe.

Do not use creams or lotions that contain petroleum 

Products with petroleum in them are flammable and oxygen-enriched air encourages combustion. It’s safe to use water-based products with medical oxygen. 

Make sure oxygen cylinders are safe and secure

Oxygen cylinders should be stored upright and in a designated location, like an approved oxygen cart or storage device. 

Keep oxygen valves turned off when not in use

Always double check that all of the valves are turned off on your device.

Carefully read safety labels and directions

Even though it may seem tedious, read safety warnings and instructions for how to properly use your machine before setting it up. New products could have new safety warnings and specific details that you need to know. 

Jayhawk Pharmacy hopes you take these safety precautions into account next time you use medical oxygen. With these safety tips, you can have peace of mind and know that you and your loved ones are safe.

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