Make Your CPAP Your Trusted Travel Partner

Posted on: March 7th, 2017 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

It’s the time of the year when cabin fever sets in and people begin planning weather vacations. Adding a CPAP machine o your carry-on seems to promote questions throughout security and because of this, Jayhawk Pharmacy offers these answer to help you manage your CPAP during travel.


Can I use my CPAP on an airplane?


Yes, however, some airlines require you to notify them in advance if you’ll be using a CPAP during flight.  You will also need to check that the aircraft has outlets available at your seat. Remember to bring the right adaptor if traveling abroad.  The Americans with Disability Act protects you against an airline attempting to charge for an extra carry-on, because a CPAP machine is a medically necessary device, so it is allowed at no additional cost.


Should I bring my CPAP humidifier?


This is 100% optional.  If you find yourself in a hurry, you could forget to empty the tank, leading to a wet mess later.  You will also need steady access to water, so if you’ll be an extended flight, it may be best to leave it at home.


Should I check my CPAP machine?


No, CPAP machines should be taken through security in your carry-on to avoid getting lost, stolen, or damaged during baggage processing.  Be sure to have your prescription for your machine with you in case airport security wants to verify that it’s a medically-necessary device. The CPAP will need to be removed from the bag and run through the x-ray machine, just like a laptop. More than likely, the TSA will also complete a non-invasive Explosive Trace Detection test to assure it’s truly a CPAP machine.


Traveling on its own can be stressful enough, so hopefully these clarifications will help make your trip a little more relaxing since your sleep apnea doesn’t take a vacation.  Jayhawk Pharmacy carries all the accessories you need to give you the best sleep apnea therapy experience possible when taking a retreat.

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