Live Your Life – Diabetic Treatment Options

Posted on: November 20th, 2014 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States, however there are ways to manage and treat diabetes. The third part of Jayhawk Pharmacy’s four-part series will discuss different forms of treatment for diabetes.

As mentioned earlier this month, there are three forms of diabetes, and while they all are similar, they are not always treated the same way.  Before one begins treating their diabetes, they should consult a physician to develop a proper treatment plan that fits their individual condition.

Lifestyle changes to help treat diabetes
Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, a lifestyle change is a necessity.  Depending on the individual’s current lifestyle, this change may, or may not, be drastic.  For any individual, exercise and proper diet are a good idea.  However, for a person that has diabetes, these things become even more life-changing.  It’s recommended to exercise 30 minutes per day, at least four days per week.  Proper diet is also essential to managing diabetes and the suggested “rules” are relatively similar to those of any other individual (i.e. avoid foods that are high in sugar, eat more vegetables and lean meats, avoid processed foods, etc…)

Medicine/Equipment used to treat diabetes

There are a variety of medicines and equipment used to treat diabetes ranging from various forms of insulin to customized footwear.  Forms of insulin mostly change by how they are administered (i.e. injections, pumps, etc…) and have a wide-array of options that determine how frequently they must be taken.  Most treatments take between 30 minutes and 90 minutes to take effect, depending on the treatment method.  As with diet and exercise, one should consult a physician to determine which medicines are right for them.

Due to the nature of diabetes and its effect on the body, people with diabetes are susceptible to developing open sores on their feet that do not heal very quickly.  Diabetic footwear is designed to help increase air flow and circulation in the feet in order to help prevent these complications from happening. 

How can Jayhawk Pharmacy help?

Jayhawk Pharmacy has a full line of diabetic footwear for you to choose from.  Our selections range from dress shoes, to cross-trainers.  We can help service your medicinal and insulin needs at our full-service pharmacy as well.  Whatever your needs, Jayhawk Pharmacy would love to assist you. 

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