Listening to Your Body: Why “fighting through pain” isn’t the best approach

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

fighting through pain

In honor of September being National Healthy Aging Month, we at Jayhawk Pharmacy are dedicating our blog to a four-part series on healthy aging.  We’ve all heard the mantra while working out of, “fight through the pain, it is all in your head!”  Well, that’s just not always the case. The fourth, and final, part in our four-part series on healthy aging is focusing on paying attention to the signals your body is sending, and some of the products out there to help protect your body and help prevent injury.

Pain is a warning sign

When exercising, especially as the intensity levels increase with programs like Crossfit and Kosama, people need to have a heightened awareness of what their body is trying to communicate to them.  Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right.  Fighting through pain is the equivalent of driving your car with the “Check Engine Light”.  While there is a chance that everything is fine, there is a greater chance that something is wrong and needs attention.

Pain has different levels

Pain is defined in the dictionary as, “physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury”.  Nowhere does this definition say that pain has to be unbearable or excruciating.  Everyone’s body responds differently to varying levels of physical activity, but when that pain or discomfort becomes recurring, something should be done.  A person should not wait until the pain is unbearable to take action.

Most of these “minor pains” revolve around main joints (i.e. elbow, knees, lower back, wrists, etc…).   However, with the proper use of protective gear you can usually prevent them from getting worse.  With that said, there is no substitute for taking some time off to rest and allow the body time to recuperate.

How can Jayhawk help manage and prevent pain during physical activity?

Jayhawk Pharmacy has an extensive line of supports and braces to help support you in your recovery, or to help prevent your injury.  These products range from ankle braces to wrist braces, knee braces to neck braces.  Whatever joint support you may need, you can find it at Jayhawk Pharmacy.

For these and other products for healthy aging, visit our product catalog for more information, and check out the other healthy aging posts from this month’s series.




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