What Irish Fairy Tales Can Tell You about Buying HME Products

Posted on: March 14th, 2017 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and icons of Irish culture are popping everywhere. Whether or not your family originates from the Emerald Isle, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during this fun-filled festivity.

At Jayhawk Pharmacy, we especially appreciate Irish folklore. A number of their fairy tales can actually teach us something about purchasing home medical equipment, such as:

The Children of Lir

In this story, a jealous stepmother uses magic to turn her stepchildren into swans. They wander the earth for 900 years in this form. Finally, they are turned back into humans, but they are now elderly.

What this can tell us about buying HME equipment: Old age can sneak up on you faster than you realize! You may be as graceful as a swan throughout your youth, but advanced age can take its toll on your ability to balance and be sure on your feet. That’s why we carry a number of products to keep you safe in your home, such as bath safety bars, raised toilet seats and canes, walkers and rollators.


The Harp of Dagda: This magical harp had different strings that could control its listeners. When one string was plucked it would make someone fall asleep. When another was plucked, it would make someone weep.

What this can tell us about buying HME equipment: Sleep apnea is not unlike the Harp of Dagda! One of its many side-effects is depression. Luckily, at Jayhawk Pharmacy we can help you strike the right “chord” to get a good night’s sleep. By starting CPAP therapy, you can avoid the effects of the weeping chord and enjoy the benefits of being fully rested.


The Field of Boliauns: In this tale, a man captures a leprechaun and commands him to show where he’s hid his gold. The leprechaun shows where it was buried in a field, but the man then realizes he needs to get a shovel in order to dig it up. To mark the spot so he could find it later, the man ties his a handkerchief on a nearby plant and tells the leprechaun not to move it. The leprechaun obeys, but instead of moving it he ties hundreds of handkerchiefs on plants all over the field, making it impossible for the man to rediscover where the gold was buried.

What this can tell us about buying HME equipment: The HME field is filled with hundreds of providers, but not all of them are golden. In order to get the right equipment, you need a reliable guide, and not a leprechaun-like trickster. Jayhawk Pharmacy is the sort of reliable guide you need when making a home medical equipment purchase.


Whether you plan to celebrate Irish culture today or just intend to treat it like another day, we hope you keep us in mind the next time you need to purchase home medical equipment. We not only carry the items mentioned above, we also have an online catalog complete with everything you need!

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