How to keep your eyes safe

Posted on: October 16th, 2015 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

Week 2

At some point or another during our childhoods, we may have heard our mother yell, “Don’t do that, you’ll poke your eye out!” While we may not have taken mom seriously or even dismissed her as overly dramatic, the truth is, 2.5 million Americans experience eye injuries each year. Close to a million of those experience some degree of vision loss as a result. Since October is eye injury prevention month, we thought we would touch on that in today’s blog:

-Be careful when working with common household chemicals. Many of them contain elements that can destroy the surface of the eye. Make sure that the nozzle is always turned away from you, and that you are in a well-ventilated room. Safety goggles also help prevent any splashes from getting into your eyes

-If you’re creating a woodworking project at home, safety goggles should be the first thing you put on! Flying particles from pieces of wood can cause some serious eye damage. Likewise, if you’re working on anything else at your workbench that may cause things such as chemicals or sparks to fly, it’s a good idea to have goggles on.

-When jumping a car battery, make sure you have everything connected properly. Battery acid sparks or other car battery debris can fly up and get into your eyes, causing serious damage. It’s one of the reasons why goggles should be in your car’s emergency kit.

-During the warmer months, make sure you wear safety glasses when you are performing garden tasks such as mowing the lawn, using an edger or a power trimmer. It’s easy for rocks and other debris to fly up from the lawnmower, and just as easy for pieces of branch to get into your eyes. Make sure you wear safety goggles, even for this everyday chore!

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