How dad can help with breastfeeding

Posted on: January 25th, 2016 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

Week 4-1


Dad, you don’t have to feel out-of-the-loop when it comes to breastfeeding. There are a number of things that you can do to help mom out as she embarks on this journey with your little one:

  • Make sure Mom is hydrated

Breastfeeding can really dry Mom out, so make sure she doesn’t get dehydrated. Bringing her some water while she’s nursing can help out. Just avoid anything with caffeine or excessive sugar.

  • Feed her too!

Mom will use up to 25% of her body’s energy to make milk, so she’s going to need to replenish that. Get her a snack that won’t leave a lot of crumbs and that she can eat with one hand.

  • Bring baby to her

If it’s in the middle of the night, you can help by picking up baby and calming him or her down before bringing him or her to Mom. If Mom’s getting woken from a deep sleep, the last thing she will want to do is wrestle a crying baby onto her nipple!

  • Watch after the older kids or the pets

Mom doesn’t need any distractions while she’s trying to feed the baby. Make sure the older kids and pets are being taken care of and not getting in trouble while Mom is busy!

  • Wash bottle and pump

In a lot of households, one person will do the cooking while the other will do the cleaning. It’s the same concept here—she’s prepared a meal for the infant, so you can clean up some of the pumping supplies afterwards.

  • Change and burp the baby

It’s not a fun job, but it’s a part of parenting! Helping out with diaper duty is something that you should continue to do after baby is weaned.

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