Health Benefits of Organization

Posted on: January 26th, 2015 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger
Adding organization to your life can actually improve your health.

Adding organization to your life can actually improve your health.


January marks the beginning of a new year, and for some it also marks a turning point and the beginning of new habits as well.  Most habits are attempted to improve health in some ways.  Some people will exercise more to lose weight, others will resolve to try and get a better handle on their finances and others will look to become more organized.  All of these seem relatively straightforward with their benefits, but how much have you truly thought about the effects of being more organized on your mental/emotional health?  Jayhawk presents you with these tips to help you get more organized:
Organization is less stressful

Have you ever missed an appointment, forgotten to take your medication or taken double the dosage because you couldn’t remember if you’d taken them or not. A lot of these things cause stress, which is unhealthy in and of itself, but missing or taking more than the recommended dosage of medication can have some serious consequences.
Organization can prevent problems

Most people with prescriptions for long-term conditions are on that medication for a reason and the dosage is calculated specifically for that person.  While a missed or double dose every now and again is not a huge deal, it is very easy to avoid with a little bit of organization.
Organization can help increase productivity

The feeling of a strong productive day is a very good one.  A lot of people are just a few organizational habits away from feeling that on a consistent basis.  Organization helps keep you more focused because you are planning out things and creating a proverbial road map for your activities.  It would be unwise to go on a hike without a trail map, so why would you not have a map for your day-to-day activities?

At Jayhawk Pharmacy, we are here to help aid you in being more organized.  We can help make your organization more convenient with our Custom Prescription Center that can help make your life more organized. You can also start strong habits with a new batch of medication by filling our prescription refill form.  For these services and other products check out or website, or feel free to give us a call at 785-228-9700.

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