If You Don’t Snooze, You lose – How poor sleep could be negatively impacting your health

Posted on: September 15th, 2014 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

poor sleep

In honor of September being National Healthy Aging Month, we at Jayhawk Pharmacy are dedicating our blog to a four-part series on healthy aging.  We have all heard the old saying, “You snooze, you lose.”  Usually that saying applies to slow reaction time to an event or something that happened.  The counter argument can be made that if you don’t snooze you lose, when considering the effect poor sleep can have on your health.  The third part in our four-part series on healthy aging is dedicated to the impact sleep, or lack of, has on your overall health.

Effects of Poor Sleep

Sleep is something that is often overlooked and even dismissed, in some cases, as not important. On the contrary, it is vitally important and the side-effects of poor sleep have been linked to more serious health problems later on in life such as: obesity, diabetes, and heart attack.   There are a lot of biological processes that are known to take place exclusively during sleep like tissue repair and muscle repair from exercise.  If you are not getting enough sleep, these processes are not able to fully run their course, and thus hurting your health.

Causes of Poor Sleep

Poor sleep can be a result of many different things ranging from high stress, to not making it a priority, to high caffeine intake.  However, one of the most common causes of poor sleep is sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea, in layman’s terms, is simply when your airway is restricted, or completely cutoff, temporarily while you sleep.

How can Jayhawk Pharmacy help with your journey towards becoming healthier?

Jayhawk Pharmacy has an extensive line of CPAP products to help treat sleep apnea.  These products range from masks, both full face masks and nasal masks, to CPAP Machines and Pillows.  Whatever the need you may have to treat your sleep apnea, you can find it at Jayhawk Pharmacy.

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