Don’t Let Your Mobility Issue Eliminate Exercise

Posted on: December 23rd, 2014 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger
No matter what your abilities, everyone can benefit from some form of exercise.

No matter what your abilities, everyone can benefit from some form of exercise.

For people with mobility issues, a lot of everyday activities can seem like monumental tasks, let alone the thought of working out and exercising.  How does someone who has trouble functionally moving around in their day-to-day lives even start thinking about exercising?  The answer to that question revolves around changing what your idea of what exercise is.

The definition of exercise is, “an activity requiring physical effort, carried out especially to sustain or improve health and fitness.”  With that in mind, exercising does not have to consist of a long run or swim, or lifting heavy weights.  Exercise can consist of doing simple body weight exercises that don’t even involve you getting out of your chair, or using certain equipment designed for those with mobility issues. Jayhawk Pharmacy wants to help you stay healthy, and offers these exercises to help you reach your fitness goals.

Body Weight Exercises for Limited Mobility

  1. Seated Leg Extensions
    Sit upright in a chair and lift each leg individually, in a slow and controlled manner, until parallel to the floor.
  2. One-armed Shoulder Presses
    Sit upright in a chair and “punch” towards the ceiling individually. This can be done with light dumbbells as well.

Machine Exercises for Limited Mobility

  1. Arm Peddle
    Place the Exercise Peddler on a table in front of you and moving the pedals with your hands, go for a fixed duration of time. (i.e. one-minute intervals, five times)
  2. Leg Peddle

Sit upright in a chair and place the peddler on the floor at your feet.  Put your feet on the pedals and peddle for a fixed duration of time.  (i.e. three-minute intervals, five times)

There are many other options out there, but you need to choose the exercises and routines that make sense to you.  Make sure to consult your primary physician before starting a new program.  Look to Jayhawk Pharmacy for any equipment or items that you may need such as exercise peddlers, resistance bands, or exercise balls. Check out our online catalog for our wide variety of other products to help with your mobility or give us a call at 1-785-228-9700.

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