Breastfeeding Tips for New Mothers

Posted on: April 24th, 2015 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger
If you're a new mother, adjusting to breastfeeding may take some time. Check out these tips that can help you adjust.

If you’re a new mother, adjusting to breastfeeding may take some time. Check out these tips that can help you adjust.


For new moms, the idea of breastfeeding can sometimes seem overwhelming at first. There’s a wealth of information out there, and wonderful support is available through lactation consultants, doctors, nurses, and educational groups, but where do you start when you’re trying to learn the basics? Today, Jayhawk Pharmacy brings you a few practical breastfeeding tips to consider, whether you’re a new mom or a veteran who is about to begin nursing again.

  • Use a breastfeeding pillow to support your baby and help keep him or her in the right position. This will not only give you confidence that your baby’s head and neck are safely supported, but it will give you the freedom to focus on the latching-on, which can be the hardest thing for moms who are new to nursing.
  • Put together a nursing “tool kit” that you can reach for when you’re settling down to nurse. Include all the things you might need during that time but might not be able to reach — a bottle of water with a pop-top spout, an energy bar, a good book, nail clippers for baby, a pad of paper and pen, a burp cloth, lanolin for after nursing, etc. You’ll be amazed at how much easier this can make things!
  • Use lanolin ointment on your nipples regularly (morning and night is a great routine to try) to prevent cracking and bleeding. Lanolin will also help treat and prevent chafing.
  • Consider attending an educational program, support group, or learning group, such as a La Leche League “LLL” meetings (and similar gatherings) provide a great deal of encouragement, support, and knowledge. Learn from members who have breastfed before, and make new friends! Click here to find your local La Leche League group.
  • Make sure your baby is latching on properly. Improper latching can cause pain or discomfort for you, affect your milk supply and flow, and result in your baby not receiving enough milk. If you’re struggling with this, seek help from a lactation consultant, a local La Leche group, or another professional in your area.

We hope these practical tips are helpful to you, whether you’re a new mom, a veteran at nursing, or a loved one who is supporting a mom in your life! Your friends at Jayhawk Pharmacy are cheering you on! And, as always, if we can be of any assistance in your breastpump or nursing supply needs, please give our experts a call at 785-228-9700.

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