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Posted on: August 14th, 2015 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

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August marks Breastfeeding Awareness Month! As you know, Jayhawk Pharmacy believes strongly in the benefits of breastfeeding. For today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the timeline of when things happening in the nursing process, and when to expect them to happen:

  • During pregnancy

Your breasts will enlarge and even leak a little as they prepare for the arrival of your little one. They will produce colostrum, which is a thick, yellow liquid. We’ll touch more on that in blogs later this month.

  • One hour after birth

You should start breastfeeding your child at this point. This is where latching and even swallowing can be difficult. Your nurse or midwife should be a good resource for you if the initial latching is difficult.

  • Three to five days after birth

You will start producing transitional milk, which will lead to the cessation of colostrum and the production of regular breast milk.

  • First six months after birth

Feed your child nothing but breast milk during this time—not even water should be ingested. Your child should be fed on demand, both during the day and yes—at night (this is where the stories of sleepless mothers come in).

  • Six months to two years after birth


Start feeding your child other foods alongside of breast milk—this is what’s known as “complimentary” feedings.


  • Two years after birth

Around this age, you want to start the weaning process. Note that the exact time should be when it is right for you and your child. Some children may need to be weaned early because of extenuating circumstances. Others may not be emotionally ready. This is something you and your doctor should decide.


At Jayhawk Pharmacy, we promote feeding your child breast milk first and foremost! That’s why we carry a number of breast pumps in our online catalog.

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