6 Amazing benefits of pumping breast milk

Posted on: February 23rd, 2016 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger


Where you see breast milk, your baby sees a full-course, nutrient-packed, biological super serum. Breast feeding helps give your child a leg up in development, but when skin-to-skin feeding doesn’t stretch as far as you need it, the White Gold that is your breast milk doesn’t have to go to waste. Breast pumping gives your milk’s benefits to baby while supplying a couple of benefits to you:

  • Shares the love with others: You know that breast feeding is as much about bonding as it is about nourishment. If baby takes well to both bottle and breast, pumping allows your partner this crucial opportunity to bond. (And, while they’re getting cozy, it gives you a chance to squeeze in a few more minutes of sleep, too!)
  • Protects against medical emergencies: Storing your milk is like a personal form of medical insurance. Should a sudden illness that requires medication or hospitalization arise, you can focus on recuperating while your baby enjoys the stash of pumped milk in the freezer.
  • Relieves pressure and pain: As breast tissue adjusts to increased volumes of milk and lymph fluids, they may engorge, causing the skin to stretch tight and inflame. If regular feedings don’t seem to quell the strain, additional pumping can relieve pressure from fluid build-up. Additionally, controlling the speed and strength of a pump can give chapped or irritated nipples a much-needed break.
  • Induces labor: Upon release, power-house hormone Oxytocin creates contractions that prompt the uterus to shrink back to regular size. Breast stimulation with gentle pumping a few days before baby is due can kick start the flow of oxytocin that prompts uterine contractions, jumpstarting labor.
  • Boosts production: Certain medications, dehydration, and an ineffective latch are a number of factors that cause low milk supply. Extra pumpings paired with scheduled nursing removes additional milk from your breast, signaling your body to produce a supply with more volume or frequency.
  • Compensates for altered breasts: Breast surgeries both cosmetic and medical may impair the suckling reflex, preventing milk from flowing through natural stimulation alone. With controlled settings that adjust speed and strength of suction, breast pumps may help stimulate breast tissue to manually release milk if an automatic letdown isn’t possible.

Just like the rest of your journey into parenthood, feeding technique takes time, patience, and a readiness to try and try again. With a catalog featuring a number of breast pumps and accessories, we can help you find the right fit for you and baby. Let’s get in touch!

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