4 Benefits of a Nasal Pillow

Posted on: June 28th, 2017 by JayHawkPharmacyBlogger

Your CPAP mask is perhaps the most important piece of equipment you have as it relates to your therapy. It has to fit properly, be comfortable enough for you to sleep, keep a good seal against your skin and give you an overall good feeling. However, full face masks can feel big, bulky and restricting. Even nasal masks can give you a sense of claustrophobia. There is a different kind of nasal mask that promotes a less confining experience while still delivering your CPAP therapy efficiently: the nasal pillow mask.


While full face and nasal masks are larger and seal directly to your face, a nasal pillow mask has minimal surface contact, sealing only to your nostrils and held in place by headgear. There are several benefits to this design:


  1. Eliminates the risk of developing pressure sores like those you get from using a full face or nasal mask
  2. Allows for a clearer line of sight
  3. Achieves an easier seal because there is less surface area to seal to
  4. Allows for easier movement during sleep without the mask coming off or losing its seal


In short, a nasal pillow mask provides you with more freedom in your CPAP therapy. As we’ve discussed in the past, CPAP therapy can be a hard thing to become accustomed to, so anything that can make it easier is worth a shot.


We have a variety of nasal pillow mask models to help you adapt to your therapy. Manufactured by reputable companies like ResMed and Phillips Respironics, these masks could be just what you need to find comfort in your therapy. Check out our online catalog today and find relief with a nasal pillow mask.


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